Aubergines filled with Antonio Amato Fusilli Caserecci, cherry tomatoes and primosale cheese: “pasta alla norma” becomes a light recipe


"Pasta alla norma” becomes a light recipe

A simple and creative idea

Revisiting the classics of Italian cuisine is never easy but with a touch of creativity we can create an original dish, always respecting tradition.

We decided to reinterpret “Pasta alla Norma” with the last seasonal aubergines using a fresh and tasty cheese, Primosale and the most traditional pasta shape: our Fusilli Caserecci. In our light version the aubergines will be used as a container, so take care to choose them big and round. You decide the shape to give: cutting them horizontally you will get some small bowls, with a vertical cut, instead, you will have some small boats.

Homemade Fusilli: a traditional pasta shape, typical of southern Italy

Our homemade Fusilli are both the protagonists of many dishes of southern cuisine and a perfect pasta shape to be used for the recipe we are going to prepare today: thanks to their particular shape they retain the sauce perfectly, they hold their texture when cooked and their flavor brings us back to memory the dishes prepared by our grandmothers with so much love.

We still remember when they began to prepare the dough of durum wheat semolina as usual on Sunday morning. They prepared half a centimeter-thick stripes of dough with their hands soiled with flour and a maximum precision and obtained the typical fusillo shape thanks to a light pressure and a rapid movement, using a classic iron.

Primosale: a fresh and delicate cheese

Primosale cheese is ideal to mix all the flavors in a dish because it makes the recipe light with its freshness. Its history dates back to the IX century BC in Sicily (did you know that Primosale cheese is mentioned in the Odyssey?)

For those who are curious and cheese lovers, this is how the production of this cheese takes place: the sheep's milk is first heated and then combined with lamb's rennet. You get the curd in an hour and then it is broken into small granules. Some hot water is added and then the serum is eliminated after a few minutes of rest.

This process continues with cooking it in another hot serum and then salted. The time of aging is short: after about one week you can get your Primosale cheese: fresh, young and ready to be used in different recipes.


320 g Antonio Amato Fusilli Caserecci

2 big and round aubergines

200 g cherry tomatoes

150 g Primosale cheese

1 garlic clove

mint to taste

salt to taste

Antonio Amato Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO to taste


Let's start with the creation of the aubergine bowl: wash and cut the aubergine horizontally. Carve out the pulp, season it with salt and oil and cook for about 10 minutes in the oven to get it soften. So you'll have the bowl for each serving of pasta.

Then prepare a quick sauce browning a clove of garlic in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil EVO and then adding tomatoes.

Cook our Antonio Amato Fusilli Caserecci in plenty of salted water and drain them “al dente”.

Add Fusilli to the sauce, place the aubergine in a plate and fill it with pasta.

Your dish is almost ready. Complete it adding grated Primosale cheese and decorate it with some mint leaves.

Enjoy your dish!


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