The sun is bathing the kitchen table: it’s time for yellow tomatoes!

Today we’ll find out the story and the characteristics of a really sweet and healthy fruit

yellow datterino

Yellow, red, black and even blue. There are several shades of tomatoes that we bring on our tables every day to eat happily with taste. However, the tomato is not only good to see, it is also rich in healthy nutrients. Today we’ll find out the great characteristics of the yellow tomato!

The yellow cherry tomato

The yellow cherry tomato has been regarded as a delicacy in the latest years. However, only a few know that this was the original color of the tomato. In Latin it was called “pomo aures” (the golden pome). In fact, the fruits that the Aztecs used to grow in Peru and in Chile – and that the conquerors brought in Europe only in the 16th century – were golden.

Every time we eat a tomato, in fact, we are having some food with an historical past that has been travelling around the world for centuries before landing in our country and becoming one of the most appreciated ingredients in the Neapolitan cuisine.

The yellow tomato from the Vesuvius (pomodorino giallo del piennolo)

In the area around the Vesuvius, for example, the so-called “pomodorino giallo del piennolo” has been cultivated for generations. They have bunches of tomatoes hang on the balconies until they get the typical shape of a pendulum (“piennolo”). But this is not the only delicacy cultivated in these areas.

The yellow datterino

The yellow “datterino” is a really appreciated ingredient that is able to conquer even the most demanding tastes thanks to its sweetness and total absence of acidity. Great to prevent the body from ageing, it is highly antioxidant and is rich in vitamins. The total absence of acidity makes it suitable for recipes with seafood.

This journey throughout the history of tomatoes has made us hungry. It’s time to try an extremely fast recipe with spaghetti, oil, basil and tomato sauce…strictly yellow!


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