Recipe: spaghetti, spinach and avocado

An original and nostalgic dish!

An original and nostalgic dish!

Do you remember when the funny adventures of a strong and gruff sailor left you speechless watching TV? That’s right, we are talking about Popeye who is now 89 years old. It was 17th January 1929 when Popeye first appeared on comics.

Today we want to take you back to childhood and celebrate one of our favorite characters preparing a special dish… with spinach of course!
You need short time and some simple ingredients: Antonio Amato Spaghetti and your imagination. The result is a creamy first course with an original flavor!
We combined spinach with avocado, another very healthy ingredient because it’s rich in minerals, potassium, Omega3 and vitamins. Together with spinach the avocado creates a truly original and delicious taste!

Just a tip, if you have some avocado left: to prevent it from turning black once cut, wet its uncovered surface with lemon, because its acidity contrasts the oxidizing effect which makes the food black.

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 gr. Antonio Amato Spaghetti
1 ripe Avocado
400 gr. Spinach
1 Garlic Clove
Antonio Amato Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO
Salt to taste


While bringing the water for your pasta to a boil, wash the fresh spinach well, put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO in a pan and add the spinach. Let cook for about 5 minutes without complete cooking but only to make the spinach soft. Pour our Spaghetti in the salted water and cook as long as necessary. Cut the avocado in half, open it and remove the stone, then scrape out the pulp with a spoon and put it in a mixer. Cut the garlic into chunks, add it to the avocado in the mixer with a pinch of salt. Turn your mixer on for just a minute until you get a cream. Add the spinach and stir without turning your mixer on. Drain Our Spaghetti and add them to the cream. Stir them well, serve and enjoy your dish!


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