The historic Regatta of the Maritime Republics takes place in Amalfi. Old rivalries and great challenges are back on the sea.

After four years, from 10th to 12th June the enchanting town of Amalfi will be the perfect location for the Regatta of the Maritime Republics (61st edition).

The historic Regatta

The historic Regatta: a challenge amongst the four Queens of the Sea

From 10th to 12th June, the jewel in the crown of the coast will be for the sixteenth time the frame to the competition that will bring back the old rivalries among the four Maritime Republics: Pisa, Venice, Genoa and Amalfi.

The race course is 2000 meters long - from Capo di Vettica to Marina Grande di Amalfi - and every team is made up of 8 athletes and a helmsmen. Hard training and a strong commitment to best perform on the galleons built on historic models from XII century. However, they are made of fiberglass – instead of wood – and are over 10 meters long and weigh 760 kg. The vessels are painted with the representative colors of the Republics and adorned with figureheads: light blue and a winged horse for Amalfi, white color and Saint George’s dragon for Genoa, red and a eagle for Pisa, green and a winged lion for Venice.

A double wave to celebrate the eternal fight of men against the sea

First of all, the competition is the celebration of the common glorious past of the four cities. This is mainly underlined by the official image of the 2016 edition: the double wave recalls the strength of the sea, dominated by the four Republics over the centuries, but also the power and the energy of the strokes.

What makes the competition in Amalfi even more interesting is the fact that it is the only regatta field in the opean sea, which makes the challenge unpredictable as it is influenced by the weather. When the sea is rough, the battle is against the waves: the helmsman has to be able to give the right orders in order to row successfully.

This is the intense and infinite fight of men against the sea: sacrifice and passion are the real protagonists.

The historic procession

The solemn historic procession anticipates the regatta: 320 figurants, 80 for each Republic, will parade between Atrani and Amalfi. Weddings and medieval battles to recall the most splendid moments of the Republics.

The Amalfi procession will represent the society of XI century, when it experienced the most prosperous time. Members from the different social classes will be parading – the duke, the poor, the knights.

Pasta Antonio Amato, ambassador of the territory and of the Mediterranean diet

The historic Regatta, as well as the several food festivals and spectacular events around Salerno, represents a way to promote our historical, cultural and food heritage: this is the reason why Pasta Antonio Amato, the pasta from Salerno, will be engaged throughout summer in a journey among tastes and traditions of the local culture.

Everything about our pasta is related to Salerno: the new packaging, the images and articles on our web site and on the social media. We truly believe in the value of the cultural and gastronomic traditions that represent the excellence of our territory. We have decided to tell, keep and promote them with passion.


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