On the way to San Mauro La Bruca, between history and traditional tastes

From 11 to 13 August we are going to be in the heart of The National Park of Cilento for an event dedicated to the sausage called “a ponda re curtieddo”

San Mauro La Bruca

We have decided to take a break from the sea and the sun and therefore we are headed to the mountains, among the wonderful hills in Cilento. Let’s go and discover one of the most beautiful paths in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano!

A walk through history, among ancient watermills and olive presses made of stone

We are going to start a wonderful naturalistic excursion from the Valley of the Mills in the village of San Mauro La Bruca. We are surrounded by ancient watermills along the river and olive presses made of stones that have been built and supported by the old convents and monasteries from the XIII to the XVIII century.

A green, unspoiled island where the Nature can bloom

The name of the village – “La Bruca” – maybe comes from the greek root “brùo” that means “abundantly blooming”.

In fact, the valley is surrounded by green hills covered with woods of chestnuts, oaks, centennial olive trees: a green unspoiled island for men to live peacefully with the nature. While walking among the paths, our guide tells us that the local economy is based on pastoralism and that the typical local product is the so-called “salsisiccia sammaurese” (the sausage from San Mauro)

‘A sausicchia a ponda re curtieddo, an ancient technique

A sausicchia a ponde re curtieddo is a kind of sausage that is cut with the end of the knife, as they used to do in the past. No meat grinder can be used! The meat is cut accurately using only the extremity of a sharp knife. The mixture of meat is irregular and therefore more tasty, worked by hand and flavored with salt, pepper and seed of wild fennel.

This typical product is celebrated every year with the “Sagra della salsiccia sammaurese”, a gastronomic event where the sausage is the protagonist!

The sausage is roasted on the embers and has an incredible taste. Served alone or with some home-made bread and vegetables, the sausage is always accompanied by good local wine.

Pasta Antonio Amato supports the traditional tastes

Pasta Antonio Amato continues its journey among the excellent products of the gastronomic tradition in the area of Salerno. Stay tuned for other events!


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