Praiano, an enchanted village in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

Villas and little houses that perfectly fit into the natural landscape, a small beach and lots of typical paths in the blue frame of the sea. Welcome to Praiano!


On some days you can only hear the sound of wind. On other days, the sea seems to cuddle you with its melodies of waves and singing seagulls. Sometimes the sun hugs you so tight that it almost takes your breath away. Or it strokes you tenderly, while setting on the horizon. And you fall in love. Praiano’s beauty conquers you, overwhelming the visitor with its incredible colors and quiet.

Villas and little houses that perfectly fit into the natural landscape, a small square, lots of tree-lined boulevards, a small beach protected by the coast. And the blue sea always in front of you.

The most famous promenades of the Amalfi Coast

Praiano is situated on a promontory. In order to discover its fascinating itineraries we have to take the traditional scalinate (staircases).

Hundreds of steps, among which you can get lost and be amazed by the enchanting views. The most famous promenades have evocative names: “Terramare” (Land and Sea), “Panorami” (Landscapes) and Saint Dominic’s Promenade.

Terramare’s promenade starts from Marina di Praia (Praiano’s seaside village) and goes through a path hollowed out in the rock. Then there is a rise adorned with typical ceramic artworks and afterwards you arrive at the Torre a mare (Tower on the sea), where one of the most classical coastal landscape can be enjoyed.

Saint Dominic’s Promenade is perfect for people fond of spiritual itineraries, where the silence helps the travelers find their inner self. The path, adorned with paintings and ceramics, leads to the church called “Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie a Castro”, a small building enveloped by a particular atmosphere, almost rarefied.

And, finally, the most hidden promenade that deserves to be found and conquered: walking toward the beautiful Positano, just before the gallery on the street, there is a staircase called Via degli Ulivi (Street of Olive Trees) overlooking Vettica, a section of Praiano. Going along Via Croce you get to Tuocco. Here you can enjoy the first landscape of this itinerary: a spectacular view embracing the horizon between Positano and Capri. Then you get to the church called “Chiesa di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli” from whose square you can admire another wonderful view on Sorrento’s Gulf. The third landscape, revealed by the Promenade of Landscapes, can be found behind the little church and it offers the most enchanting view of the entire Amalfi Coast: from Praiano to Fiordo di Furore, Sorrento and Cilento Coast. It’s an emotion impossible to describe: you must experience it.

Marina di Praia: the beach where every look is an emotion and every thought is a dream

The small beach of the seaside village, surrounded by the rock walls overhanging the sea, is a really evocative place. Marina di Praia used to be protected by the Tower on the Sea that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was a safe harbor for the ships and was called “scarricaturo” – an area dedicated to traffic and trade.

Nowadays it is a quiet, small beach with crystal clear waters, surrounded by white little houses that remind of the little houses in the nativity scene.

From Marina di Praia you can take a boat to the grotte di Suppraiano (Suppraiano’s caves) and to the famous Grotta dell’Africana (African cave) that can be reached only by sea.

Taking a picture is a must: looking at it you will feel an urge to come back to Praia.


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