FANS’ RECIPES: Palinuro style spaghettis

The title of this simple but tasty recipe, as well as its list of ingredients, confers this plate an unequivocal origin from Campania. Ready to put it into practice?

By courtesy of Silvio Martuscielli

The spaghettis are Antonio Amato’s n.5, the aubergines are the classical home-grown ones: not too big nor too small. For the anchovies, they must absolutely be from Palinuro, the splendid seaside place in the Cilento area, near Salerno. There, the fishermen still use an ancient technique, the “menaica”: the peculiarity of this technique is the net in itself, called “menaica” exactly, that allows to select only the biggest anchovies.

The anchovies under salt caught with the menaica net can be distinguished by their light flesh (tending to a rose colour) and by the intense and delicate perfume that makes them unique.

The olives from the Cilento area are another main ingredient of our recipe! The olives are a source of pride for our territory. Since 1991, it has designated as a National Park. The territory protects the relevant environmental values but also the economy based on agricultural and farming activities that contribute to preserve the olives.

Ingredients for 4 servings

  • 400 gr Antonio Amato nr. 5 spaghettis
  • 10 salted anchovies from Palinuro
  • 30 gr black olives from Cilento
  • 2 aubergines cut into rounds
  • 50 gr grated stale bread
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil from Cilento
  • Salt and pepper to taste


It is a simple and quick preparation: let’s start by frying in a little amount of oil the garlic cloves, previously pressed, and the anchovies, after removing the excess salt. Mix them with a fork, in order to undo them.

In another pan, fry the black olives and the aubergines previously cut in rounds. In the meanwhile, in a third pan, toast the grated bread.

Keep an eye on the spaghettis while they’re cooking and drain them al dente.

Continue mixing the spaghettis with the anchovies sauce, add the olives, the aubergines and the grated bread.

Leave the savours combine together on low heat.

Serve on a plate, adding some raw oil and a hint of parsley that you will mince at the moment.

Buon appetito!


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