The corbarino tomato: the small red pearl in the foothills of Monti Lattari

Today, with our diari salernitani, we go back to the Agro Nocerino Sarnese and both the panorama and the table turn red again thanks to the Corbarino, another species of tomato, which with the San Marzano one, are source of proud and joy for our region

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We are exactly in the foothills of Monti Lattari, on Corbara hills, from where tomatoes branch in a row. They have a particular long shape that reminds the pear one, but they are smaller.

Cuddled and wrapped by the climate of the mountains that gives them their strong and intense taste, the Corbarino tomatoes taste depends also on the echo of the sea flavour that blows from the closer Amalfi Coast and that makes its flesh sweeter. All these elements make them a unique species of tomato.

The Corbarino tomato ripens following the slow rhythm of the nature, it patiently waits for the rain that will naturally hose it while Monti Lattari protect it from bad weather, avoiding that the violence of the rain and the cold could damage it.

A product to eat fresh or to process to prepare tasty sauces

We are in the right period to admire their beauty, because it is exactly in July that tomatoes are ripe and shine in a row, ready to be gathered, rigorously handmade and following their different ripening levels.

But the Corbarino tomato is not only good, it is also very healthy: a small concentration of vitamin C and antioxidant essences, and we decide to restore a bit after our trip with a tasty tomatoes salad, extra virgin olive oil and lots of basil leaves. The local farmers suggest to try it cooked, for example it is perfect to prepare sauces used to season fish, or with pizza. That could be another occasion to taste the recipe proposed by our diario salernitano.


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