The “white fig of Cilento”: sweet, exquisite and DOP

Do you love dried or fresh fruit? Do you like serving fresh fruits or do you prefer the dried and spiced ones? Do you like dark chocolate or do you prefer the rum aftertaste? Today, with our Diario Salernitano, we will let you to discover a product that everybody will love: the “White Fig of Cilento”, another great fruit with the DOP trademark since 2006.

The white fig of Cilento

Everybody knows the fig for its typical drop shape, its violet or light green skin on the basis of its origins, for its sweet and rich flesh that goes from the amber shades of light pink to the deep red, but “the white of Cilento” means that particular and unique colour that the fig has once it has been dried.

The ancient tradition of the harvest and the drying process

The figs plantations, as the expanses of the olive trees, have drawn the rural panorama of Cilento for ages, and the tradition of the harvest and the drying process has always existed, handed down from one generation to another.

We couldn’t resist the temptation of passion for the products of our territory, for the ancient flavours and the simple gestures, so we have taken a wicker basket and willpower and we have decided to tell you about the care and respect hidden behind the harvest and the drying process of these delicious and exquisite fruits.

One of the main secrets of this job is to cover the basket with figs leaves in order to protect the fruit from the scratching against the basket and to preserve their smell and taste. The harvest is strictly handmade and very gently because if you want to have a perfect drying process the skin must be intact. Afterwards figs are put on a rectangular woven cane tray for the sun drying for a week.

This process is completely natural and man intervention is minimal. Once the drying process is over figs are sterilised and “packed”, that means “pressati” in the Cilento dialect.

Filled, with chocolate, with rum covering or natural: the white figs will satisfy everybody

Now they are ready to be filled with almonds, nuts or orange peel, or to be covered by chocolate or rum and so on, giving place to the imagination and satisfying all the tastes.

As summer is approaching, we are looking forward to stock up with figs and taste them fresh, delicious with raw ham, or to use them to decorate a fresh cheesecake or a custard pie.

Well, we always can go wild with figs, dried or fresh, how do you prefer them?


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