Our recipe

With all the taste of Sicilian lemon.

Cooking instruction:

Cooking in a frying pan: melt a teaspoon of butter (25g) into a non-stick frying pan, pour the Bombette (250g), cover and cook for about 6 min on a medium flame. Remove the lid and cook over high heat about 3-4 minutes to reach the wanted golden brown finish. Stir occasionally.


Dettagli prodotto

  • Mashed potatoes 60,7% [water, potato flakes (potatoes, emulsifier: mono and diglycerids of fatty acids, antioxidant: sodium metabiSULFITE, spices, natural flavourings)], durum WHEAT semolina, water, potato starch, rice flour, dehydrated lemon 1%, salt, ginger powder 0,7%, emulsifiers: mono and diglygerids of fatty acids. May contain traces of: soy, eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans, sulphites. 

  • 659 kJ/164 kcal
    0,6 g
    0,2 g
    35 g
    <0,5 g
    1,6 g
    3,8 g
    0,90 g

    **** / *** (-18 ° C) SEE RECOMMENDED DATE ON PACKAGE

    ** (-12 ° C) 1 MONTH

    * (-6 ° C) 1 WEEK

  • This product maintains its characteristics if consumed within the expiry date printed on the pack. Once defrosted the product must not be re-frozen.


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