Antonio Amato

the pleasure of simplicity
From the two coasts to tables around the world.

Welcome to Salerno!

Salerno is the heart of Mediterranean gastronomic tradition: a place where people have always eaten well and healthily, thanks to the local talent for making every dish count with simple and authentic ingredients. Located between the two splendid Cilento and Amalfi Coasts, the city benefits from a microclimate that is excellent for the production of pasta and other ingredients thanks to the salty sea air and rich vegetation of the nearby mountains. Even today, the gastronomic culture of this area maintains a strong bond with tradition and makes an art out of simplicity.

When you choose Antonio Amato products for your table, you choose to embrace our values and enjoy a century-long passion for good food.

Our values Love of simplicity and respect for tradition.

Antonio Amato products are an authentic pleasure that is immediately recognisable and arrives at your table to bring you a smile every day. Our commitment is to ensure extremely high quality at the right price, choosing the best traditional ingredients from the Salerno gastronomic culture.

Our history

Deeply rooted

1869 – Rinaldo&Amato
The Amato family purchase their first machines from the Rinaldo Company, taking the first step towards a successful future.

1958 – Antonio Amato & C. Molini e Pastifici S.p.A.
On the basis of the excellent results, a new company was established in Salerno and a new production plant was opened.

2000 onwards – Growth
In the decades to follow, machinery and production techniques increasingly expanded and were modernised, to the extent that the company established itself a respected position among the biggest Italian pasta companies.

Antonio Amato today

A family trade

Management under Di Martino.

In 2012, the company was bought by the Di Martino family from Gragnano, a family of three generations of pasta makers. That adventure began in 2012, but Di Martino pasta crossed the Panama Canal for the first time in 1915.

And now, just as it was then, the journey continues with a wealth of passion, experience, hard work, know-how and respect for raw materials. This is where the Antonio Amato began: from the values that enabled the company to become one of the most important Italian food producers and the solid experience of people who have always loved to work with wheat and the other raw materials.