A traditional recipe made with Antonio Amato paciocche signed by dietadelcilento.it

Today we are going to propose a traditional recipe from Cilento, poor and tasty: paciocche with chickpeas. A dish you can taste also in summer, in its “riposata” version, that means it is cooled down before it is served

Paciocche with chickpeas by dietadelcilento.it

Antonio Amato Paciocche n.111 is a modern kind of pasta, but they remind lagane pasta made by grannies from Cilento. This pasta is perfect with a chickpeas seasoning. This recipe that has survived for ages is the typical dish of Cilento cooking.

Ingredients for 6 servings

500 g Antonio Amato Paciocche n. 111

1 kg chickpeas from Cicerela

(If you can’t find them, you can use the small gold ones)

1 clove garlic


Chilli pepper

A pinch of salt


Leave the chickpeas to soak for an entire night in one litre of water, then cook them in boiling water for almost half an hour.

Let the garlic brown in a large pan with extra virgin olive oil and, if you want, fresh chilli pepper. Few minutes later, turn off the flame. Once the Paciocche are ready, don’t throw all the cooking water away. In this way pasta won’t be too stuck. Add some lightly fried oil and mix delicately all the ingredients.

Let the pasta cool down for few minutes before serving it, in order to gain more flavour. Once in the dish, sprinkle it with fresh well-chopped parsley and some leaves of it as decoration.

Thanks to dietacilento.it


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