"Cilento di Corsa": a racing circuit to discover the Cilento Coast

From May 7th to September 16th, 11 races through the most beautiful naturalistic paths of the coast

Corsa del Mare, credits infocilento

Cilento is an ancient land characterized by a slow living. Its roots date back to a remote past that resurfaces through the ancient olive trees, while every stone of its villages has a story to tell. Even the faces of people seem to belong to another era, as well as the habits and the calm with which they make every gesture.

Yet, here, in the land of slowness, in 2014, several racing associations joined together to create “Cilento di corsa", a racing circuit of 11 races with the aim of enhancing a territory that wants to move fast toward the future. This is the 4th edition and we have been following it since its first stop in S. Maria di Castellabate.

The Sea Race of S. Maria di Castellabate (Corsa del Mare)

On Sunday, May 7th, along the seahore of S. Maria di Castellabate, the first race of the circuit took place with a 10 km path. The race passed through the most fascinating places of this beautiful village, from the marina Le Gatte - once illuminated by candles, as bright in the night as cat eyes - to the Perrotti Tower, the silent guardian of the Marina Piccola of Santa Maria. The participation was really warm, creating the right atmosphere to enjoy the awesomeness of the second competition: the race of the myth.

The Race of the Myth between Palinuro and Marina di Camerota (Corsa del Mito)

The longest stage crosses the blue shades of the harbors of Palinuro and Marina di Camerota. The athletes ran breathing in the full lungs the smell of the sea, the intense aromas of the lentisk and the rosemary, accompanied by the sound of the fronds of pines moved by the wind.

Passed the port of Palinuro, the track continues along the dunes of golden beaches, reaching Cala d'Arconte and Porticello and the last, pleasant descent towards Marina di Camerota. Here, at the tourist marina, a crowd of spectators welcomes the athletes with cries of exaltation and so much deserved fresh water.

The Race of the Mermaid Leucosya in Castellabate (Corsa della sirena Leucosya)

After the Race of the Myth, on May 20th, the third stop was along the wonderful coast of Castellabate again, on the shore of the crystal clear sea of Ogliastro Marina. A race in the shadow of pine groves and in front of the breathtaking landscape of Punta Licosa. According to the myth, this is where the unhappy mermaid Leucosya jumped down from a cliff and then turned into a rock thus creating the typical rocky sea bottom of the island. A thrilling leap into the myth that stimulates our athletes to run toward the next beautiful stop.

Corsalonga of San Giovanni a Piro

On Saturday May 27th we moved to the deep heart of Cilento for one of the oldest races in Campania: the Corsalonga of San Giovanni a Piro, organized for 35 years.

As usual, the athletes left the historic center running along a mixed track of asphalt, dirt and cement. They faced over 500 and 600 meters high respectively at the Pertosa Tower and at the top of Pacuma, then returning to the ancient heart of the village to receive the applauses.


The last race was held in Villammare. A mostly flat path among the narrow ways of the village up to the ascent of the Petrosa Tower, the symbol of the place for 500 years. In the shadow of the Tower, it seems to revive in a few minutes the whole history of the village: the lookouts that scanned the sea in search of the enemy ships in the 16th century, the nineteenth-century conspirators seeking refuge between its walls and the German soldiers lurking during the Second War World. How much history in this place!

Pasta Antonio Amato supports Cilento

The event "Cilento di Corsa" aims to enhance the history and the beauty of its villages, willing to combine efforts and sacrifices to grow together. Pasta Antonio Amato supports this initiative that starts from unique traditions and values to run toward a common future.

Keep following us to find out the next stages of the racing circuit, amongst charming natural landscapes and fascinating legends!


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