Antonio Amato Linguine Antonio Amato with creamy broad beans and almonds


the good of spring

Broad beans are a delicious spring legume, which is well suited to be consumed especially in the form of soups or creams.

The recipe of Antonio Amato Linguine pasta with creamy broad beans and crunchy almonds is simple to prepare and requires few steps. The delicate taste of the beans perfectly marries the decisive one of the pecorino cheese which combined with the crunchy almonds create a mix of textures and irresistible flavors.

Our version is suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet but the pasta with broad beans lends itself to multiple variations: you can add a chopped fresh mint to the cream, replace the almonds with pistachios or, for a richer version, you can add bacon browned in a pan or dried tomatoes.


400g Antonio Amato Linguine pasta

1 kg Broad beans

40g Grated Pecorino cheese

30g Almond

2 tbsp EVO oil Antonio Amato

Salt to taste


Shell the beans from the pods and blanch them in water for a few minutes. Let them cool under running water and peel them.

Then blend them with the pecorino cheese, almonds and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, season with salt if necessary.

Fill pot with salted water, cover and boil for pasta. When water boils cook pasta according to package directions for al dente. After the pasta is drained season with the bean cream and mix everything in a pan.If pasta seems too dry add a tablespoon of water at a time.

Enjoy your meal!


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