Antonio Amato Linguine with clams, green chillies and cherry tomato

The flavour of the sea meet the green chillies

The flavour of the sea meet the green chillies

The pasta with clams is a classic dish of italian cousine. Wherever you go, however, you will find someone who tells you that "his" is the best pasta with clams in it.

Moreover it is true, everyone has their own secret, that addition that makes the dish different.

The beauty of this seafood is that it really combines with many ingredients, such as vegetables, creating a different and unique taste every time.

The version we are proposing is with the “friggitelli”, small green chillies peppers originating from Southern Italy with an unmistakable taste tending to sweet, contrasted by the flavor of veracious clams.

A perfect match for the summer, when these unique peppers is on the market stalls.

Friggitelli, green chillies, friarelli and puparulill d'o sciummo

The friggitelli are a vegetables with rich taste, a beautiful bright green color and not at all spicy.

Typical of Campania and Southern Italy cuisine in general (they are often found also in the Abruzzese and Pugliese cuisine), they are also known as “Puparulill d’o sciummo” and “Friarelli”, but the latter do not go however confused with the Friarielli (with the "i"), a name that in Naples is given instead to the newly developed inflorescences of the turnip top.

Their success in the kitchen is the versatility and the speed of time in which they can cook.

As can be seen from the name, the friggitelli are usually fried in a pan with oil, garlic and, for the more daring, fresh chilli; a tasty side dish for meat or fish based dishes or as a rich single course.

Grilled, stuffed or to accompany pasta, friggitelli are irresistible.


320 g linguine pasta Antonio Amato

1 kg clams

20 green chillies peppers

12 cherry tomato

2 garlic cloves

tbs evo oil Antonio Amato to taste

fresh basil to taste

salt to taste


Let’s start by putting on the heat a pot with water, brought to a boil and add the salt.

Clean the green chillies also depriving them of the internal seeds and cut them half along. Rinse them with cod water. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half or in four parts.

In a pan brown a garlic clove with 2 tablespoons of evo oil, then remove it. Add the clams and leaving them on the fire until they are all open. In another pan, put 4 tablospoons of evo oil and a garlic clove, brown it and add the green chillies. Cook them for a few minutes and add the cherry tomatoes.

Cook the green chillies and cherry tomatoes for twelve minutes and, when is ready, adding some fresh basil leaves. Add the clams to the sauce keeping aside their liquid which you will filter.

Meanwhile, cook the Antonio Amato Linguine pasta into abundant salted water and draining it well "al dente", then add it in a pan with the sauce and mix. Stir over high heat, slowly adding the clam’s liquid.

Garnish with fresh basil and serve.



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