Regional Park of Monti Lattari: the white milk, the iceboxes and the Path of Gods

Today for our Diari Salernitani we are equipped with backpack, camera and trekking shoes to face one of the many paths that go through the regional Park of Monti Lattari, a natural protected area since 1993.

Path of Gods

We are between the two coasts, the Amalfi and the Sorrento one, on a ridge of the Antiappenino Mountain in Campania that creates a wall between the Gulf of Naples and the Salerno one.

From the high peaks of the huge park of Monti Lattari (160 square kilometres) whose peaks pass 1000 metres of heights, it is always possible to see the sea.

The man who looked after goats

Maybe in the world there are different places dedicated to sheep and animals in general, but it is odd the fact a goat advised the name of these mountains.

This animal, that has always been badly treated and it usually indicates a mediocre person, found a gold shelter in these places. During the past, actually, shepherds let their goats graze in these mountains. Perhaps they felt good thanks to the lush vegetation, the freshness, and the colours of this territory and the view of the sea and they repaid the kind shepherds with love and generosity.

Their present is tasty milk with special characteristics. “White Nectar” so much divine to push the local populations to dedicate to this milk the name of this territory: Monti “Lattari”.

Walking through mills, iceboxes and Gods

As we said before, it is a sunny and fresh day; there is the best temperature to walk through one of the many paths that pass through these mountains.

We could choose to start from Vico Equense. From there begins the “Sentiero delle Neviere” (The Icebox Path) so called because it goes through the old places where the snow used to concentrate.

Someone suggests the path of the “Valle dei Mulini” (“the Mills Valley”) that starts from Amalfi. Thanks to the vegetable gardens, the vineyards, the citrus groves, terracing and the remains of old paper mills we could take some great photos of amazing panoramas.

At the end we opt for the most famous and enchanting path that goes through the Regional Park of Monti Lattari. We start from Agerola and we face the Path of Gods. Yes, it is 6 kilometres long, with a lot of differences in level, but the final destination is extremely worthy. In fact we arrive in Positano, in the heart of the Amalfi coast.

Why to choose this path? Just because the charm of these nativity scenes grabbed on to the rocks and the sea cliffs have no pairs in the world.


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