Pasta alla Nerano: the recipe that won over Totò and Eduardo

Today we are going to discover a recipe that was born where the Sorrento and the Amalfi Coasts meet drawing the profile of one of the most beautiful natural reserves of our region: Punta Campanella. Between the Monti Lattari and a breath-taking view of Capri, between Massa Lubrense and Positano, we arrive in Nerano, a little and delicious fishermen village that gave the name to the famous “pasta alla Nerano”

Pasta alla Nerano credit foto:

Courgettes, provolone del Monaco and basil are the icons of these places and as we love traditions and the ancient flavours, we started to look for the origins and the secrets of this recipe to cook it at home.

There are many legends about its birth, but according to the most reliable ones it has been created after the end of the Second World War, at the beginning of the 50’s, when in “Maria Grazia’s kitchen” just these few and simple ingredients, that it is said they won over Totò and Eduardo De Filippo, were thrown together. Since then it has become a very important dish of our tradition.


Spaghetti, linguine or penne Antonio Amato


Provolone del Monaco



Extra Virgin Olive Oil





Once you have all the ingredients, it is important to remember that the secret to have a delicious Pasta alla Nerano is the courgettes cooking: they must be browned but soft, and to have a creamy seasoning, we will have to keep some cooking water to add when we are going to homogenize all the ingredients in the pan for few minutes.


The best way to have a homogeneous cooking of courgettes is to cut thin rings.

Afterwards fry courgettes over a medium heat in a generous amount of oil. Once they have browned, drain and put them on a tray with a paper towel.

Meanwhile put water to boil to cook pasta. We suggest you to choose between spaghetti, linguine or penne, perfect to mix all the ingredients.


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