Pasta with beans and mussels

There are some recipes that can clearly bring back memories, smells and tastes: one of these is pasta with beans and mussels. An original cross between land and sea mixed in a dish very easy to prepare with an unique taste

Pasta with beans and mussels

It is a variation of the classic and traditional pasta with beans, normally eaten in the holiday and on Sundays, when the family used to meet around the table to have lunch all together. A very simple recipe that has the taste of the naturalness and of the slow rhythms of summer Sunday.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

200 gr dried kidney beans

200 gr mixed pasta Antonio Amato

1 kg mussels

2 cloves garlic

1 shallot

Chilly pepper



Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Leave the dried beans to soak for an entire night, then cook them in unsalted water for almost one hour. While legumes are cooking, wash well the mussels and let them open in a large pan with two spoons of extra virgin olive oil, clove garlic and a handful of minced parsley (you can also put some parsley stems that you will remove before you mix the seasoning with pasta).

Cover the pan with a lid and cook over a low heat for 5/10 minutes until mussels open.

Now, drain the water cooking with a strainer to eliminate the remaining and the sand and put aside. Open and shuck the mussels and put them aside in a dinner plate, avoiding squashing them. In a large pan fry lightly extra virgin olive oil, another clove garlic, the minced shallot and a bit of chilly pepper until the garlic has browned.

Remove the garlic and put into the pan the drained beans (remember to put some water cooking aside).

Let the legumes flavour and a minute later put the water cooking into the pan in order to cover half of it.

When the water is boiling, put salt and the pasta. Then add mussels at the half cooking of pasta and blend until pasta is ready and the water absorbed. The final result must be creamy not watery (if there is too much water, eliminate it with a spoon and put it aside).

Now, put out the flame, add a fistful of pepper and the mince parsley. If it is necessary, add some salt and cover the pasta with a lid for some minutes. Serve it decorating the dish with some shell of mussels and… enjoy your dinner!


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