Pertosa Caves: a masterpiece sculpted by nature, drop by drop

Today, with our diari salernitani, we go to Pertosa, 40 minutes far away from Salerno, to visit its famous caves. We have been told that the sight is speechless because it is a breath-taking place and words cannot explain its beauty. The only way to really understand their magnificence is to visit and admire them in person. We are ready to leave and we are very curious to discover this place created by the work of nature within the space of millions of years

Pertosa Caves credit of

We go through the first part of the caves on a raft. River Negro has flown through this first part of Pertosa Caves for millions of years and thanks to its slow and incessant rhythm, it has modified and “worked” the caves stones until they have the features of today. The soft sound of the water tells us lots of stories; you only have to be ready to listen to them.

We arrive at the first cave and we go into raptures over a waterfall that pours down a great quantity of water that, in the middle of those rocks, has a dreamlike beauty.

From there the cave divides into three main parts, the “Branch” of the source, the central and the main one. We go through every part of the caves and we are struck by natural beauty of it and by the slow and intense activity that nature has created, drop by drop.

The unique and charming sight of “Sala della Madonna”

We find the peak their magnificence in the Madonna’s room (la sala della Madonna), so called because there is a statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites that look like candles thanks to the erosion. It’s a unique and a charming sight because it seems that believers put them there as a sign of devotion. Exactly in that moment we realised that it’s really impossible to use words to describe the beauty of Pertosa Caves.


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