Antonio Amato Potato Chicche with pumpkin and sausage


Today we are going to share a little pearl of wisdom

In the kitchen there’s a smell of novelty! Here you are our “Potato Chicche”!

They are only prepared with the best, genuine and authentic ingredients, just like the homemade pasta. Their characteristic diced shape and their smooth surface make our new shape perfect for today’s dish: a colorful and tasty first course.


400 g Antonio Amato Chicche di patate

500 gr pumpkin

250 g sausage

grated Parmigiano cheese to taste

sage to taste

1 shallot

1 glass of white wine


Clean the pumpkin by removing the peel and cut it into cubes. Cook them in salted water, the same where you will then boil our Chicche.

In the meanwhile, chop the shallot and brown it with the sausage. Pour 1 glass of white wine halfway through cooking and add a sprig of sage. Drain the diced pumpkin when well cooked, leaving aside the water for your pasta. Add the pumpkin to the sausage, brown it for a few minutes until you get a thicker sauce. Add a sprinkling of grated cheese, stir your pasta in and decorate it with just a touch of sage before serving.

Enjoy your dish!


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