Antonio Amato Spaghetti with Menaica anchovies and Piennolo cherry tomatoes

​A tasty and delicious first course that makes us ready for Summer

A tasty and delicious first course that makes us ready for Summer

The sound of the waves on the shoreline, the rising sun and the mild air, the fishermen returning to port after a night of work.

At Antonio Amato we are very luckybecause we were born in a unique land that brings together what we have just described: the sea, the sun and a cuisine with its characteristic seafood dishes considered the best in the world!

For this reason today we would like to take you to Cilento to visit some places we love, to let you taste a recipe based on anchovies, a typical product of this territory where fishing takes place during this period of the year, between April and July.

We will prepare this recipe by using our Spaghetti with their unique and unmistakable flavor, of course!

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The Menaica anchovies: good for every recipe.

At dawn the fishing boats leave the port and head off shore to throw the "menaica" into the sea and catch the anchovies. Menaica is the name of the particular net used for anchovy fishing: by using this only the biggest anchovies will get trapped while the smaller ones can be let free, thus respecting the ecosystem and encouraging repopulation.

The freshly caught anchovies are immediately cleaned and carried at shore in order not to use ice to preserve them. In this way, they mantain intact their freshness, their flavour and their properties for a long time. Once they reach the shore, they are processed and covered with salt in the characteristic clay pots and after that they are finally ready for sale directly on the spot.

You can taste anchovies in many different ways: fried, filled, au gratin, marinated or simply as they are. Today we decide to cook them together with other two good and characteristic ingredients of our territory: Piennolo cherry tomatoes, a tomato variety grown only on the slopes of Vesuvius and our Antonio Amato Spaghetti, a perfect shape for mixing and enhancing all these flavours.


500 g Antonio Amato Spaghetti

250 g Piennolo cherry tomatoes

150 g fresh and cleaned anchovies

1 sprig of parsley

Antonio Amato Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO to taste

salt to taste


Let’s start by putting on the heat a pot with water. Brought to a boil, add salt and cook your Spaghetti remembering to mix them from time to time.

In the meantime, take a pan and add Antonio Amato extra virgin olive oil EVO with half a clove of garlic frying everything (for people who love strong flavours, we suggest adding half a fresh chilli pepper). Once the sauté is ready, pour the anchovies previously cleaned, washed and dried and stir for about one minute.

Then add the tomatoes, season with salt and leave them to dry by slightly raising the heat. Once your pasta is ready, mix it with the sauce adding a sprinkling of previously chopped parsley and serve at table.


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