Tortellini with cured ham, Parmigiano reggiano cheese and crispy artichokes

Spring flavours and fragrances at the table

Spring flavours and fragrances at the table

Finally Spring has come again, daylight is getting longer and air becomes milder. Nature awakens showing all its beauty with its new colours and scents. This splendid season also gives us the undisputed king of the kitchen: its shades go from purple to green, it has got tender and tasty leaves and its shape reminds us of a crown.

Did you guess which delicious vegetable we are talking about? Of course!

We are talking about the artichoke: it becomes the perfect ingredient to bring to the table during this period with its bitter-sweet taste.

Today we want to suggest a very delicious dish: let’s cook the first seasonal artichokes together with the new Antonio Amato Tortellini filled with cured ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and crispy artichokes.

An explosion of taste!

Tortellini, the Romagna tradition at the table

When we say Emilia Romagna, we immediately think about filled Tortellini and the best are those from Bologna. These small tasty treasures are produced according to a very particular legend that has been passing down over the years: according to the legend, a young marquise decided to stop atCorona Inn and rest after a long journey. The girl's incredible beauty didn’t go unnoticed, so the innkeeper himself couldn’t resist the temptation to spy on her through the keyhole of her room. After being inspired by her beauty and struck by the splendid shape the young woman’s belly button, he reproduced its features using the layers of dough and filling it with meat.

This is how Tortellino was produced and today it is filled in many different ways.

Today, we of Antonio Amato Pasta Factory are going to prepare it with a tasty filling of cured ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, two authentic flavours of Emilia Romagna.

As for all our fresh pasta types, we carefully select our raw materials and with a protected designated origin in order to preserve not only the taste but also the traditions of the Italian cuisine. The thin and delicate dough is made by using durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour and barn eggs, respecting the welfare of our chickens. For the filling instead we select the best cured pork ham and PDO Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mixing everything with Ricotta cheese to have a unique flavour with a creamy and velvety texture.

The artichoke: the king of Spring

The artichoke has some ancient origins more than the Tortellino. Already known by the Greeks and the Romans as a wild plant, it began to be cultivated in Sicily, then expanding in the Medieval period throughout the peninsula.

Rich in iron and low in calories, this vegetable falls into the healthiest food category.

There are three main artichoke families: Purple, Romanesque and Spined.

There are also several variations that put us in a difficult position in terms of choices: large or small? Spined or spineless? Round or tapered?

The most suitable artichoke for our recipe is the Romanesque with its round shape and its tender stem, it’s available from your trusted grocery store or at the supermarket.

Now look at the list of ingredients and make sure you have everything you need to prepare this easy and delicious recipe.


500 gr. Antonio Amato Tortellini filled with cured ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

1 Garlic clove

4 Artichokes

150 gr. Grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Flour to taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO to taste

Sunflower Oil for frying

Salt to taste


Start by cleaning the artichokes. Before touching them, protect your hands with latex gloves or rub some lemon onto your hands to prevent your skin from turning black. Pull off the thicker outer leaves, then use a knife to cut off the harder and the pointy tops and remove the stem. Drop both the flowers and the stems in a bowl with water and lemon to prevent them from turning black. In a large saucepan brown a garlic clove with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO. Meanwhile, peel the stems by trimming off the filaments, chop them finely together with the base of the flower and carefully remove the furry choke stuff in the heart of the artichoke.

Pour all the mixture into the pan where you have previously flavoured the garlic with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVO and add some water and salt. Cook the artichokes for about 15 minutes over high heat. Once tender, blend everything but first remove the garlic and add the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. In the meantime, bring the water to a boil and cut the artichokes into thin strips, dredge them in the flour and then heat the sunflower oil in a frying pan. As soon as it gets hot, dip and fry the artichokes for just a couple minutes, flipping them often. You will notice that the outer leaves will curl up becoming browned and crispy. Let them drain and dry on a kitchen paper towel, keeping them warm. Now let's start with the preparation ofour Tortellini.

When the water in the pot reaches boiling point, cook your Antonio Amato Tortellini filled with cured ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese following the cooking time instructions indicated on the package, that is no more than 3 minutes.

Drain your Tortellini and stir them in the creamy mixture. Serve and garnish with crispy artichokes.

The dish is ready! Enjoy your meal... and let us know if you liked it :)


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