Antonio Amato Zitoni “Genovese” of tuna

Chef Pasquale Torrente's recipe

Chef Pasquale Torrente's recipe

Antonio Amato Zitoni “Genovese” of tuna (Neapolitan tuna and onion pasta sauce) are an original reinterpretation of a great classic of Campania cuisine: the Genovese, a delicious white ragù based on onions and meat with a sweet taste.

This dish is born from the mastery and intuition of the chef Pasquale Torrente, owner of the "Al Convento" restaurant in Cetara (Amalfi Coast), who has well thought of replacing meat with tuna, giving it freshness and a marked marine note.

Tuna, also known as sea pork, lends itself very well to this preparation because, in addition to being less fat than meat, it allows the onion to retain a higher acidity since the cooking time is shorter than the classic Genovese.

The only element in common between the two recipes is the choice the shape of pasta: zitoni, destined for special occasions, born as a long pasta that the Neapolitan tradition wants to break by hand. Antonio Amato Zitoni have the characteristic thickness of this format and come in a practical cut version that makes them perfect for tasty and strong sauces.

This recipe is a must of the Amalfi Coast and although its preparation takes time to cook onions, once it is ready, it will give you great satisfaction.


320 g Antonio Amato Zitoni pasta

1 carrot

1 celery

1,5 kg Montoro's onion

300 g fresh fillet of tuna

Antonio Amato extra virgin olive oil to taste

black pepper to taste

salt to taste


Chop the carrot and the celery and brown them in the oil for a few minutes.

Add the onions cut into thin slices and allow them to stew over a very slow heat for about two hours, if they are too dry, add the boiling vegetable stock (celery, carrot and onion) that you have previously prepared separately.

When the mixture has the consistency of a cream, add the tuna previously cut into large cubes and let it cook on a light flame for five minutes. Since tuna is a fish with a marked sapidity, when cooked it is sufficient to lightly salt the sauce.

Cook the Zitoni pasta in abundant salted water, draining them al dente.

Sauté a few minutes in a pan with the sauce of onions and tuna, mixing the ingredients well, and add a pinch of fresh pepper.

If you want a strong flavour, "you can give a push" with a grated caciocavallo cheese or pecorino cheese as long as it is strictly Irpinia.


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